OJT for Jobseekers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are multiple On-The-Job Training opportunities in the Pasco and Hernando county area at this time, please review EmployFlorida.com for more information.

The On-The-Job Training program is designed to assist job seekers in getting the skills and training they need to become employed. In fact, you’re employed from day one of training in this program. That’s right, a job, a paycheck, and a training program designed by the employer to give you the exact skills and training you need to be a successful employed worker in today’s competitive workforce.
Applicant will need to complete the following activities on their own prior to eligibility determination. 
How to become an OJT Employee:

  1. Log into and update your job seeker account at EmployFlorida.com,  (Resume is required). 
  2. Log into and job search at your job seeker account at EmployFlorida.com, search for the Pasco or Hernando county area AND for keyword OJT.
  3. Identify one or more WIOA/OJT listings that you would like to be considered for.​ Read the description and determine if you may meet the WIOA program basic eligibility requirements.
  4. Contact 727-484-3400 and ask to speak with a WIOA Career Specialist (reference to the Career Specialist the identified OJT job order number). *Follow additional directions provided to you by the WIOA Program Career Specialist. (program eligibility MUST be met before an OJT application can be submitted).