Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program

Welcome to the Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment

(RESEA) Program of CareerSource Pasco Hernando

CareerSource Pasco Hernando Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program also known as the RESEA Program provides individualized career services to individuals who have filed a claim for Re-Employment Assistance and have been notified of their mandatory appointment. Contact for more information. 

To submit an online enrollment form for the RESEA Program, proceed:

*Online Orientation is available

STEP 1: Log-in, at Click your name, then click "MY DASHBOARD"
STEP 2:  
Click "GET STARTED" for the : RESEA(Appointment) form

STEP 3:  Click each available "Complete Form" *please read each page carefully and completely. Type your answers for each question. When completed your status will display as "Pending Approval.

STEP 4:  Contact (352)251-7177 for a telephone interview.

Additional Re-Employment Assistance Information is available: and